Unfortunately, classes on Saturday will not take place anymore.


Yoga strengthens our mind and body and leads to relaxation in everyday life! An exhausting day makes us lose sight of the essential: connection to mind and body. We take you on a journey to reunite mind and body.

Yoga Flow classes consist of dynamic sequences of postures that allow the body to fully open on a deeper level. This promotes concentration on the here and now. The variety of exercises helps develop a well-balanced body and strengthens muscles and flexibility.

Our courses are held in English as well as in German. Regardless of level and style, everyone is welcome! USC Welcome!

Yoga is not only good for the body and strengthens the muscles but also leads to more relaxation. The constant inflow of information via mobile phones, tablets and computers at home and in the office shortens our daily concentration period. Due to the new technologies, physical activity is becoming more and more in the background although our body is the starting point of our well-being.

Through relaxation and in-depth exercises we specifically promote the balance of body and mind in the classroom!


Mondays 19.15-20.30H

Materials: If you have your own yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it with you. However, there are also yoga mats on site. 

Our teachers

Andrea is a certified yoga teacher and has practiced yoga for more than 12 years. 

Andrea teaches yoga classes mainly in the vinyasa style with music and flow in the movements, while incorporating the Hatha Asanas (poses) so you can experience a safe and relaxing practice even as a beginner.

Andreas's personal yoga journey started 12 years ago. She has her one year ago  she has accomplished her teacher training as a "200hrs Multistyle Yoga" yoga teacher in Dharamsala, Graduated from India.

Now she has an apprenticeship as a naturopath, in which she also wants to introduce her yoga knowledge.

Sara is a certified yoga teacher for children and adults.

Sara works and has worked with children in the last 15 years, in Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Cameroon and India. 

She's already teaching yoga in kindergartens in Berlin since September 2018 and in other schools and yoga spaces since the last 2 years.

In her lessons through stories, songs and games, Sara loves teaching children yoga and their asanas (yoga postures). Fun and games are guaranteed here.

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