Maculelê project


August - December 2019

Weekly training, rehearsing a choreography and performance

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 The project sponsored by the Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport "Strengthening freedom, willpower and community among women - Maculelê" takes place in the period from August to December 2019 in Berlin-Pankow. With a group of 10 to 15 women and girls we want within 4 months the Afro-Brazilian warrior fight Maculelê rehearsing and then performing publicly.

In addition to the health-promoting characteristics, the Afro-Brazilian battle dance is of great importance for the freedom movement of the oppressed populations in Brazil: The origins of the dance on the one hand on the freedom movement of slaves at the time of the colonization of Brazil and on the other hand on the cultural dances of the indigenous peoples of Brazil. Thus, the battle dance is symbolic of a movement that stands for freedom, willpower and community.

The aim of the project is to promote these elements in girls and women. The dance project strengthens from scratch the self-confidence and willpower of young girls and women and promotes individual talents of the participants.

Where does Maculelê come from? One does not agree on the true origin of Maculelê. There are several narratives that are characteristic of the Brazilian-Brazilian and indigenous cultures of the colonial era in Brazil and have inevitably changed over time.
The dance steps of the Maculelê are reminiscent of a warrior dance and contain elements of African dances and rituals.
Paulinho Almeida de Andrade from Santo Amaro is one of the most important people who have continued to receive Maculelê.

The practice sessions are accompanied by live drum music and singing.

Choreography and lessons with: Benedikta

Live music: Prof. Foguinho

Participation is free

About us

The Casa de Quilombo association is dedicated to sport, culture and education. Through creative sports activities from different countries of the world we want to bring about changes among children, adolescents, adults and their families. Our teachers teach and live the concept of community building and transmit this through educational games to the children. Our house is a special place of meeting new people, making friendships and share experiences. Here, children, parents and adults are more than welcome! We want you to become part of our community!


Where does the project take place?

Regular rehearsals take place at Mühlenstraße 62-65 13187 Berlin, Haus 6.

Our Remise 5 minutes, easy to reach by foot from S + U Bhf Pankow. For motorists, we offer a free park possibilities in front of the door (with parking meter 1 hour).

Turn in at the entrance opposite ARAL and drive down Gewerbestrasse to the end. It is the last house on the right and belongs to the building complex house 6.

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