Capoeira for children

Promote motor skills from 4 years
Fun and games with music and movements
Over 20 years of teaching experience
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Capoeira for Kids 

Monday 18.00-19.00 (7-13J.) Klecks GS, Brixener Str. 40, 13187 B

Tuesdays 17:30-18:15 (4-6J.) Daycare room, Ötztaler Str.6, 13187 B

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Casa de Quilombo


I felt very well cared for as a beginner! It was the perfect mix of dynamic attitudes and relaxation towards the end. I was there with Urban Sports, everything was no problem! The rooms are also cozy and there are materials on site. The other students are all super nice too!
Foguinho and Benedikta are really kind and managed well this school paying attention to each of us. My son started at 3yo Capoeira lessons and they were really helpful and patient so he feel weeks after week more confident. They give energy for each one succeed and they are really nice with super young ones, this pedagogic mind is an important skill I was expecting in a school.
The rooms are inviting. You get on well with other parents. It is a community place!
All rooms are well maintained and clean. The open tea and coffee kitchen and the cozy seating area for visitors are great. You feel comfortable.
A welcome culture is lived in the Casa de Quilombo without excluding or evaluating. The conveyance of values, such as the promotion of a sense of community among the children, is also very positive.

What is capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian sport that combines fight, dance and music. Movements and music are combined in children's lessons. 
Capoeira promotes the in a playful way individual development the motor and cognitive skillsthrough which children get to know their emotions and express them in movements or in music. 
Our trained Capoeira teacher Prof. Foguinho meets the children at eye level and picks up each child at their individual level of development. Thus, he gives each child enough time and space to make their own experiences and thus to get to know their own limits independently. 
Capoeira is more than a sport in the educational sense: We consciously turn away from the idea of competition and specifically promote the idea of community and tolerance in the group through educational games. 

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Teacher: Professor Foguinho

Professor Foguinho has been teaching capoeira to adults and children for over 10 years. Of which more than 5 years in Berlin.
The group Cordão de Ouro was founded by Mestre Suassuna in 1967 and has been in over 150 countries around the world for over 50 years. Mestre Suassuna learned Capoeira when there was no rigid style separation and still teaches it to his students today: We play Capoeira according to the rhythm given by the Berimbau (the main instrument).

Capoeira belt award / Batizado

We organize our Capoeira event every year, for which a large number of Capoeira teachers from Brazil and other countries around the world hold workshops. The focus here is on exchange and a friendly relationship. The children usually perform something during the day and receive a capoeira belt that day.

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