Kangoo jumps

With Lili


Lili provides Kangoo Jumps shoes whenever possible.


  • Ideal for overweight or joint damage
  • Optimization of the abdominal and trunk muscles
  • Approximately 20% higher calorie consumption
  • Faster weight loss without yo-yo effect
  • Usable indoor and outdoor
  • 12-18% higher oxygen uptake
  • 80% cushioning by KJ Boots
  • Increased metabolism
  • Sustainable protection of joints
  • Fun for the whole family (10-90 years)

This course is organized in partnership with Liliya Detcheva.

Lili is a trained trainer in kangoo jumps and aerobics and has many years of teaching experience.

Direct contact: 017649598273

What is Kangoo Jumps?

A cardio workout on spring-loaded shoes!

Fancy air jumps? With the Kangoo jumps, this is possible, thanks to their special suspension you jump like a kangaroo through the area. The workout with these sports shoes is so much fun that it is easy to forget that you are even exercising. Here's what the kangoo jumps workout brings.

The so-called Kangoo jumps are spring-loaded shoes that reduce the impact force by up to 80 percent when jumping. This will not only make the workout more enjoyable but also healthier as the joints and the spine - compared to sports with normal shoes - be spared. For this reason, training with the Kangoo Jumps is also suitable for the elderly and people with joint or spine injuries.


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