The following FAQs refer to the Capoeira alone

teaching children

Do I have to be a member of the association?

 Yes. Only members of our association can take our courses. Please contact us by mail or in person and we will gladly send you the membership form.



Can I watch as a parent in the trial lesson / sports class?

For educational reasons, parents are not allowed to attend classes in Capoeira (not even in the trial lesson).

After more than 10 years teaching experience (with our teacher) with children, it has been proven that two caregivers (parent & teacher) in the classroom are having difficulty in following the child. The attention is thus no longer entirely devoted to teaching and the teacher. In the presence of a family member or strange observations, children behave differently and can not get involved with the teaching of the teacher. Smaller children need a settling time (which can be faster or slower) that the teacher grants you.

According to our concept, we believe that children can make decisions on their own, and by expressing their own feelings, they can make the adult understand whether he has enjoyed the lesson or not.

We ask for your understanding in this sense and are available for further questions.




Is there an annual closing event?

 Yes. Once a year we organize a club closing event in which the children make a small performance for the parents and have the opportunity to participate in various capoeira, dance and music workshops. At the event also the belt allocation (Batizado) takes place.


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